Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Top 6 Movies About Big Cats on DVD and VHS

Most cat lovers also love the big cats from which domestic cats descend. These DVDs and videos about the big cats - tigers, lions, and jaguars - will gain a new understanding and insight that will be helpful in understanding the physical and character traits shared by all cats, big and small.

1) Two Brothers (2004)

French filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud successfully combined documentary with fiction in this film about two tiger brothers, Kuman and Sangha, who live in the Southeast Asian jungle among ancient temple ruins. Set in the early 1900s, the story is a rebuke to the era of British Colonialism at that time. The real stars of the movie, of course, are the stunning tiger brothers, who are separated early on in the story, but are united in an ending that will inspire both cheers and tears.

2) Born Free on DVD and VHS

A 1965 Academy Award winning movie (Best Song, Best Musical Score), Born Free still inspires both laughter and tears as the viewer follows the adventures of Elsa, who becomes a pet of British game warden George Adamson and his wife Joy. As Elsa grows from a cub to a lioness, George and Joy are faced with retraining Elsa to live in the wild, to keep the government from placing her in a zoo. The story is just as touching now, as it was four decades ago - tissues strongly advised.

3) In Search of the Jaguar

Glen Close narrates the stunning story of Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, biologist, author, and wildlife conservationist, as he explores the jungles of Brazil, Belize, and Panama in search of the jaguar, in order to protect the habit of this endangered big cat. Approximately 60 minutes long.

4) Hidden World of the Bengal Tiger Video

This encounter of a tigress trying to help her cubs survive through hunger and danger is more exciting than any fiction. Join the National Geographic wildlife filmmakers as they track 12-year-old Bengal tigress Lakshmi and her three cubs, over a three year period.

5) Tigers in the Snow

Approximately 300 Siberian tigers still survive, in the dense forests of coastal Siberia. Follow Russian and American scientists as their team member risk incredible odds helping to save these endangered cats from poachers and a shrinking habitat. Every minute of this 60 minute film is goosebump-inspiring. Available on DVD and video.

6) Magnificent Tigers

This two-video set features Hidden World of the Bengal Tiger, and Tigers in the Snow, both described above. Available only in the U.S. and Canada.

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